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2018 T4 Slips are in the Mail

Is your T4 accurate, or have you noticed an error?

2018 T4’s have been issued so make sure you have received yours. All your other tax slips will be arriving in the mail as well so keep an eye out as they easily get lost in all the junk mail. If you subscribe to electronic mail you should retrieve them from the website. A T4 slip summarizes the money paid to you during a calendar year, including amounts deducted at source; these amounts are paid directly to the government. The T4 may also include certain benefits that you received during the year that are taxable. You would pay income tax on an amount your employer pays on your behalf for the use of a company car or for certain types of insurance. When your employer issues you a T4, it also sends the same information to the government. Once you have received your T4, please verify that it looks correct. There is a large amount of information on your T4 so understanding it can be a challenge. If you are unsure or believe that there may be an error, you must bring it to someone’s attention.

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