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Happy Canada Day!

The Stagecoach family would like to wish you all a Happy Canada Day!!

2020 is half over and it sure has been an interesting year with many challenges. We hope these challenges have strengthened you, and will allow you to continue to learn and grow. We may not be able to physically see all of our friends and family, but we can definitely celebrate virtually.

As a reminder, if you are open for business on July 1, please ensure your employees are getting paid accordingly. Please check your provincial/territorial/federal legislation for further details regarding statutory holiday pay.

Visit us on our social media and tell us how you are celebrating your Canada Day and what goals you have for the rest of the year.

Visit our website regularly to view the latest “News and Updates” on issues that impact you, your business and the industry.

Stagecoach Payroll Solutions – “Your Canadian Payroll Solution”

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