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If Opportunity Knocked, Would You Miss It?

Whether you are ready for your next opportunity, or looking for growth, you will need to take some time and update your resumes and online profiles – even if you are not looking for new opportunities.

Benefits of updating you profiles regularly (even when you are not looking for new opportunities):

  • It's always nice to know if you are being compensated competitively. As people reach out to you online, you will get a sense of your value based on your skills and experience from these connections.

  • Updating/removing outdated information, such as contact information, keywords, skills, etc. makes it easier when you are ready to apply for new opportunities, as you do not need to try to remember what you have accomplished if you are regularly maintaining it.

  • Other recruiters can notify you of new opportunities when they are available, and you may get another dream opportunity.

You may be happy in your current position, but you also need to be aware of what else is out there. Something else you should consider is continuing education and self growth. There might be certificates/degrees or designations in the field. Always trying to grow personally will make you even more valuable to your current organization and future ones.

You should update your resume every 6 months or so, especially when anything major happens. Be sure to make the changes while the facts are still fresh in your head, this will ensure you have a quality resume and online presence.

Let me provide an example:

You have been working at company X for 10 years and the last time you updated your resume and any other profiles is back when you were searching for the position you hold currently. Now you are searching for new opportunities, and you will have to fill in the job history/accomplishments for that 10-year period you think is relevant, however you may not recall all the details.

Instead, if you had kept it updated, you would only have minor tweaks to the data, ensuring your resume and profiles represent you well for applications. The result, because your information was outdated, you lost out on many opportunities that would have knocked on your door over that period.

Keeping your profiles updated will keep you present in the market as business are constantly looking for specialized talent. Having a resume that you can attach to an email will allow you to respond quickly when opportunity knocks. When opportunity comes looking for you, lets face it, it’s a lot less work.

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