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Issuing ROEs for COVID-19

Are you an employer and need to issue a Record of Employment (ROE) for your employees? The Government of Canada has released a reminder on how to correctly issue your ROEs to help ensure your employees get the right benefits whether they apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) or Employment Insurance (EI).

If you are issuing ROEs to employees who are affected by the COVID-19 and they are no longer working you must issue a ROE.

One of the following reason codes must be used in block 16 when completing ROEs due to COVID-19:

  • Code D (Illness or Injury) – when the employee is sick or quarantined. Do not add comments.

  • Code A (Shortage of work) – when the employee is no longer working due to a shortage of work because the business has closed or decreased operations due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Do not add comments.

  • Code E (Quit) or code N (Leave of absence) – when the employee refuses to come to work but is not sick or quarantined, use code E (Quit) or code N (Leave of absence), as appropriate. Avoid adding comments unless absolutely necessary.

The reason why Service Canada asks employers to limit commenting on ROEs, is because, when you add comments, the ROE is no longer processed through the system and now must be processed manually. If the employee is applying for benefits, the benefits may be delayed even longer than normal.

For complete details on issuing ROEs, please read “Why should employers issue a ROE?

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