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Payroll Must Prevail

Often things happen without warning. Like when there is a power outage. Most people don't prepare, so when the room goes black, they have to scramble. Where are the candles and the matches? Where are the flashlights and batteries? Most people follow this reactive approach. What approach do you follow?

Being caught up in the moment prevents you from thinking clearly. When the power comes back on, that is when you realize you left food on the counter and now it's spoiled, or you forgot some other important task during the chaos. There is only one solution; being prepared. If everything is conveniently located, there would be no need to panic, you are now positioned to handle an unexpected power outage.

Your payroll is similar. Computers hiccup, the internet goes down, software has issues, systems and platforms experience interruptions and so on. You must also remember that the Banks sometimes have their own issues to deal with that may impact your payroll. Having an alternative payment method as backup might also be worth looking into.

Developing a plan to handle any short term obstacles allows you to think clearly and maintain focus. Maybe you just need a different internet source, or a remote login, a different computer, or a backup file to work from. Problems like these will arise and being prepared to handle them will ensure you stay on top of your employee payroll and banking deadlines.

Whether you process payroll yourself or use a payroll service company, unforeseen events are bound to happen, so learn from your mistakes, change procedures as needed, and be proactive. Having a plan to manage short term delays will keep you on track and allow you to detour around these setbacks smoothly and efficiently. Payroll must prevail. Take your plan one step further and create a payroll continuity procedure. You will need this if a major event were to impact your business, your employees, and your payroll. Please visit for some ideas on setting up your plan.

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