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What Is the Reality?

When you started your business, what was your perception, and what became the reality? Maybe you had a side gig, also worked a full-time job or just took the leap of faith and made it work. You had an idea, you turned that idea into a business, and BOOM, it all worked out as planned! Or did it?

As time passed, what changed? How did you adapt to the reality of your niche? Maybe just finding your niche was the moment reality began to detour your original path? You molded your ideas and creativity into your business, overcame obstacles, endured the slow times, and relished during the busy seasons. Your business has changed from your original idea, the original plan, and has traveled the path required for existence. That is your reward.

When I started my company back in 2018, I was confident, I knew my vision would endure, and I knew it would all work out. Canada is a big place, full of businesses, and full of opportunity. Surprise, it didn’t quite go as planned.

Here’s my story, and how I’ve adapted. In the beginning, I had the idea that new businesses were a terrific potential client. After all, lots of new businesses start up every day, across this great country of ours, and they all require proper payroll management. Right? Yes, of course they do, but they do not know that yet. They are in the learning stage. They are shaping their business and learning what is required to succeed. Saving money where they can, trying different methods and softwares, learning from their mistakes, and keeping their business moving forward. It’s a process.

This is what experience and reality have taught me. I have acquired most of my clients due to one common factor, something went wrong. They tried it their way but were not happy with the results. Sometimes their payroll grows increasingly more complicated as their business grows, sometimes it requires too much of their time, sometimes their software doesn’t play nice with others and employees don’t get paid or sometimes its those brown envelopes from the CRA that steer them from their current course of payroll management.

That’s the reality. I’m sure you have some stories of your own about how you learned to embrace the needs of your customer, reshaped your ideas, and are now able to provide that unforgettable experience to those new faces that rely on your business.

To all the business owners out there, don’t give up. Adapt, survive, grow, and succeed. Go forth and conquer.

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