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How is Employee Motivation Impacting Your Business?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Why aren’t employees motivated? Why are great employees losing their motivation? What are you doing to keep your employees motivated?

Keeping motivated as an employee in today’s environment requires some level of self discipline. People often switch jobs due to poor management in their workplace. Generally, employees leave their managers, not their position. Under performing managers can fall under many style types such as; unsupportive, disorganized, negative motivators, micromanagers and so on. Combine poor leadership styles, gossip, toxic environments and other unmotivated employees can leave you feeling… unchallenged. Keeping employees engaged, focused and motivated is a concern most companies face and continually try to manage.

I came across this article (4 Tips to motivate your employees in 2019 by Jared Atchison) on and it reminded me why I decided to start my own company. Feeling unmotivated and unchallenged is something I struggled with at several places I have previously worked. Tired of having to bear witness to all the struggles each company couldn’t figure out, I moved from one job to another to satisfy my need for personal and professional growth. After several years of unsuccessful attempts at trying to fit the mold of a dedicated and motivated employee, I jumped ship and set up my own business.

This article provides some great ideas to help business owners and managers to encourage their employees, keep them engaged, help them grow, maintain the relationship, and ultimately drive sales. Who doesn’t agree that this needs to be a priority for any business? The article also injects some useful links and noteworthy percentages to further drive home the importance of the topic.

The 4 major areas of concern are defined in the article as:

  1. Lead by example.

  2. Transform workplace culture.

  3. Respect their capabilities.

  4. Give them a voice.

These are some great areas of focus as you manage and encourage your employees to be their best. By providing them the tools and support to grow themselves, hone their skills, work as a team, set goals and reach their true potential.

I especially resonate personally with #3. “If you want productive, intelligent, hard-working employees, treat them like adults” as the author puts it. I agree with how detrimental micromanaging employees can be. Questioning your employee’s capabilities and injuring their self confidence is only going to encourage employees to seek out other jobs and employers, leaving you understaffed and always training new talent.

As an employer, it is up to you create a supportive environment to nourish and motivate your team members. Hopefully you find this article resourceful and implement some ideas into your business.

You can check out the complete article here:

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